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Woody Plant Breeders - Partner with Proven Winners to Bring Your New Plant to market


Have you discovered a new plant? Years of work, or a keen eye for sports, the discovery of an exciting new and improved plant variety is a plant breeder's dream. But once you've discovered a new plant, what then? The patent office is full of patented plants that no one knows; that no one can buy.  For many breeders the solution is Proven Winners. We offer more than patents and promises, we offer solutions.


Plant Patents & Plant Breeders Rights

Marketing & Promotion

Licensing & Monitoring

Distribution and Sales

Results & Peace of Mind


Plant breeders, nurserymen and horticulturists from around the world trust Proven Winners to maximize the potential of their new plant discoveries. Not only do we handle the plant patents, we also offer services that no one else can match. We offer national and international distribution, full scale production capabilities, and best of all we promote and market your shrub under the number one plant brand in North America - Proven Winners!

Don't settle for less

We have the solutions you're looking for. Plant patents, breeders rights or plant variety protection is just part of the equation. Proven Winners brings you the compete package: plant protection, marketing, promotion and a vast customer base looking for new plants. While most any lawyer can file a plant patent, we makes your new plant a market success story.

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